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Shibori Snapshots

IMG_2472 (1024x682)Hello lovelies, Back in June, I got together with a lovely friend of mine, Lotte (you can check out some of her work here). She's an amazingly talented person I've met when studying costume design. We talked a lot about how we want to keep on learning now we've finished school and how we could do that. It ended up in us getting together at Lotte's place to try out indigo dyeing and some basic Shibori techniques. IMG_2455 (1024x682)Indigo dyeing means that you use the indigo plants to dye fabric. It's a proces in which there's a lot of room for chances. You can read a lot more on indigo here. What I love about it and why it's so great for the shibori technique (a Japanese technique in which you fold, bind and manipulate fabric before dyeing it) is that the indigo dye doesn't seep into the fabric. It hits the fabric and stays on the folds and exposed fabric. This way you get very beautiful sharp lines. If you'd like to read more on shibori you can click here, read this book, or google around. People make such beautiful things with the technique! Now I'm just going to end this post with a ton of pictures, 'cause I think they are all beautiful and give a good idea of the process. IMG_2422 (1024x682) IMG_2423 (1024x682) IMG_2427 (1024x682) IMG_2429 (1024x682) IMG_2431 (1024x682) IMG_2433 (1024x682) IMG_2434 (1024x682) IMG_2439 (1024x682) IMG_2440 (1024x682) IMG_2443 (682x1024) IMG_2447 (1024x682) IMG_2450 (1024x682) IMG_2452 (1024x682) IMG_2453 (1024x682) IMG_2455 (1024x682) IMG_2456 (1024x682) IMG_2458 (1024x682) IMG_2464 (1024x682) IMG_2465 (1024x682) IMG_2477 (1024x682) - kopie Photography by Lotte Stek