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Sewing Translated is here!

cover Can I have a big cheer? Sewing Translated is finally here! I started working on this project in January of 2015, so it's been in the making for a while!

What is Sewing Translated?

Sewing Translated is your dictionary for all things Sewing! Eventually, it will become a series of e-books, but its first volume: Fabrics is out now! In this first volume you can find over 90 fabrics and fibers explained & translated into Dutch, French and English. There's an English version, with an English introduction & all the English terms in your table of contents for easy searching. There's also a Dutch version, with a Dutch introduction & all the Dutch terms in your table of contents and... There's a French version, with a French introduction & all the French terms in your table of contents.

Why did I wrote Sewing Translated?

You all know that I love sewing and that I love teaching! Since I started sewing, it has become an international affair, with a dynamic and encouraging global sewing community – connecting with each other both on and offline. Talking to other sewing fanatics, I started noticing that a particular type of question kept cropping up: how do you say stretch lace in Dutch? What's the French for iron-on-interfacing? Having looked around unsuccessfully for a resource that would help figure out these sewing translation conundrums – and with Google translate not being much help when it comes to stitching terms – I decided it was time to bite the bullet and make one myself! It's the teacher in me, I can't help myself! You can check out some previews & buy the book over on Etsy! I can't wait to here from you! Happy Sewing!