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Sew Dolly Clackett: Matching Easter Outfits Edition

Hello lovely people, I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and aren't feeling too stuffed with chocolate to think about anything else! We celebrated with my family. Since they live in the fields and I had two makes finished, I thought it would be a good idea to take my pictures in a green scenery rather than the every grey rooftop shots! These makes aren't your usual though! I really wanted to participate in Sew Dolly Clackett to celebrate the wedding of Roisin and Nick, but life got a little in the way (timemanagment is not my strong suit). However, those who are following me on twitter might have seen this snapshots of a gorgeous blue and white lace patterned fabric passing by. They were supposed to be a pair of Jedediah pants for my boyfriend. I succeeded and finished the pants last week. I had a load of fabric leftover and quickly the boyfriend and me were brainstorming on what to do with the leftover fabric. I can't remember who it was that said: "let's make matching outfits". And so we did! Sew Dolly Clackett: Matching Easter Outfits Edition! (Be aware: this post is picture and text heavy) All full oufit shots are by my lovely aunt who is a wizard with a camera. Hurray! We took a load of family shots, and we all giggled all the way through the photoshoot! Taking pictures of finished makes is way more fun when you are running on chocolat and champagne! matching 2 matching 4 matching 3 matchingAnd now some details for sewists! smile shoesMy dress is based upon the Sigma dress by Papercut Patterns. I did an FBA on the XS, but the darts are way to high. (Time crunch, Sorry not sorry) I have two more of these dresses planned, but I will need to do a lot more of muslin and pattern changes before I can cut those. The skirt is a gathered rectangle, in true Dolly Clackett fashion! As with the Rigel Bomber, this pattern was also printed on very sturdy paper, which I absolutely adore. I love cardigans almost as much as Roisin, so finding one to match this outfit was no problem at all. My shoes are the "You Legend"pumps by Irregular choice. The heels are covered in glitter. sigh. Also in honor of Sew Dolly Clackett. I bought them two years ago in Paris, but when I went looking for the shop last September it was gone. Some crying occured, since I love all of their shoes So Much. Now on to more manly affairs... full shotHere you see some evidence that I am not a selfish seamstress! The pants are the Jedediah pants by Thread Theory in a straight size 32. I adapted the legs to become more flared, since Mr. boyfriend likes that more. ("I have huge feet, if I wear skinny jeans my feet look like boats") This is actually the second pair of Jeds I made, but the other ones are still waiting to be photographed. Mr. Boyfriend also picked this fabric himself. I like a man without fear. It's Trèfle by Kokka. He bought it over a year ago. achterkant broekMaking sure all of the stripes lined up was the hardest part of making this pants, but I think I succeeded very well. (Check the back shot! I'm so proud of myself :-)) taillebandI had him pick out the buttons and he picked this one. Hurray, cause I could easily hammer it in. Done in no time! I actually enjoy sewing pants for the Mr. and he already ordered some shorts and a pair of Jeds in a darker fabric. We'll see what we can do! I also want to make him a shirt, since he has difficulties finding well fitting shirts in stores. He has quite broad shoulders and a slim waist and appaerantly that's not done anymore. I'll see if I can make him happy with a custom made shirt but I think I will! Since it never hurts to include some behind the scenes shots, here are some hilarious shots made by my aunt, with my mother watching, of me photographing the back and the waistband of the pants. I'm a very dedicated blogger, can you tell :-) hihi voorkant hihi achterkant We considered hiring a baby to have another miniature matching dress, but nobody would offer their baby. Too bad! Did you ever made or wore matching outfits with your loved ones? My parent couldn't stop laughing when seeing us and we do not plan on wearing this outfits together too often, but for Easter we think of it as being very funny!