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Made: Paprika Patterns Opal Cardigan as a Blanket against everything

One of the things I've made in March, was another Opal cardigan. I loved the first version so much and one day I went out to do some therapy shopping. Some days you just cannot stay inside! All of a sudden I found myself in the Pauwels Stoffen fabric store again. Strange how these things happen :-) I fell in love with a gorgeous pink and black wool and decided to splurge on it. opal cardigan 8
This is my second version of the Opal cardigan and I'm still in love. We had a couple of nice, warmer days, and Opal truly is perfect for layering over outfits when winter coats are just too bulky! My dad even commented on it saying it was a 'very nice coat'. My mama ordered one too. The fabric was bought at Pauwels Stoffen. It's a wool blend and it's absolutely delicious, soft and lovely to wear. This cardigan and the previous version (if you like a review - you can find it here) are in constant rotation and are worn almost daily! The pattern is Paprika Patterns' Opal Cardigan in size 3, version B, long length sleeves, no pockets. opal cardigan 9 opal cardigan 2jpg opal cardigan 6
Alterations + Construction
  • I used the altered V-shape neckline as in the previous version.
  • I squeezed it out of 1.5 meters of fabric with scaps left.
  • Even though I picked length B, which hits Lisa on the mid-thigh, I'm quite shorter so ended up with a knee-length version. Which was exactly what I wanted! I'm 5'3" on a good day, so if you are equally short and want a shorter cardigan, you will need to adapt your pattern pieces!
  • My cardigan is reversible, since I didn't hem it with a turn up hem. I used a couple of rows of overlock stitches to secure the fabric.
  • I finished the neckline and front with one continuous piece of binding.
  • The sleeve hems were finished with the cuffs provided in the pattern
opal cardigan 5 opal cardigan 1opal cardigan 4
This cardigan is yet another succesful make for me. This fabric is heavier and has less drape than the previously used fabric and the shape looks more dramatic as a result. I love it. Also: it's pink! Do you have patterns you keep on making since you wear the other versions constantly? What's your go-to pattern when you want to sew but don't want to think too much? Let me know!