Nieuw binnen: titties sweaters & sokken in frisse lentekleuren

Paris fabric haul!

Hihi! Yes, my computer is back from the computer doctor (who is a genius, truly!) Between a non-working computer and the start of my first full year of teaching, things have been a bit busy here. I recentely landed a second job, so I'm very happy! I've had multiple requests (I'm putting it like request but it was more like "SHOW ME YOUR FABRIC OR I WILL STALK YOU FOREVER") so here is my haul! 2014-08-21 17.09.22 This picture shows the haul. But of course some of you insisted on showing what was in the bags. So here it is... black cashmere wool 3 metres of black cashmere wool. Softest stuf ever. I bought it at 'Au Bonheur des Dames' black dotty viscose Black dotty viscose, 3 metres coupon. (Au Bonheur des Dames) black lining Black lining, 6 metres. Tissus Reines. I was discussing which lining to pick with my mum and suddenly the salesperson who was helping me said: you can talk to me in Dutch too. He happens to be a Dutch man living in Paris. We had a great conversation on linings, sewing and fabric shops. It was great to discuss things in my mother tongue instead of French. emeraldish cotton This picture isn't a good one. It's a beautiful emerald green and here it's not good. It's 1.5 metre of cotton from Dreyfus. green black striped cotton Green and black striped cotton, 3 metres of cotton. (Au Bonheur des Dames)horsehair canvas Horsehair canvas, 3 metres. (Dreyfus) pink cotton Pink cotton, 1.5 metres (Dreyfus) red silk OMG Red silk sateen, 1 metres. (Tissus Reine) royal blue silk Royal Blue silk sateen. 3 metres coupon, Marché Saint Pierre striped tricot Striped tricot. You'll be a Nettie soon... (Dreyfus) So... what's your latest fabric buy? Any tips to shop fabric in cities abroad?