vanaf €250 nemen wij de verzending op ons!

New things are here! New Lingerie Things, that is!

Coming out of retirement to tell you a bit about new things that have arrived for this holiday season! As all Game Of Thrones fans know, Winter is coming, and with Winter comes Christmas (that is, if you live in the Northern hemisphere, I still can't quite wrap my head around Christmas in the sun? How does that work? Tell me, Aussie friends!) To make this gifting season a bit easier, I've created two fun new products for you, and I must say, I am actually quite pleased with them myself!
Lingerie in a jar
lingere in a jarAs the name says: lingerie in a jar! Super sexy red lace lingerie set (matching triangle bralette and lace boy shorts) to enjoy ! These lace boy shorts are super comfy and sexy at the same time. If the sexy lingerie isn't comfortable, you won't wear it, so that's why I always strive to create the perfect combination! >>>>Find this set here lace lingerie bralette and boy shorts
Printed Luxe gift cards
Number one thing we worry about when buying gifts? Will it fit? Will she like it? Will it be the right colour? Take the guesswork out of gift buying with our luxe printed gift cards! They are absolutely stunning, printed on thick cardstock (if I might say so myself) and come in a sparkly golden envelope. Gift cards are always the right size and start at €15. Perfect for every budget! >>> Shop the gift cards So, what do you think? Feeling a bit more at ease about gift shopping? Or adding these to your own wishlist?