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Named Clothing Kielo Wrap Dress - Trial version

named kielo wrap dress side 2 Confession time: I can be quite bad at making decisions about trivial stuff. You know, such as what to make to wear for one of my boyfriend's best friend's wedding. I planned on making something for myself but procrastinated to the point where the sweet boyfriend had to interrupt and bought me patterns so I would finally get started (this happened last Sunday..) If I sound like a spoiled brat right now, I don't think I am, it's just the fact that I can get caught up in my head and board a train to shillyshally land with a one way ticket. He knows that interrupting this with firm actions is the way to go! I couldn't decide on a pattern for the fabric I had in mind. Weather isn't helping either. Forecast says it will be 16°C and raining, but they have been wrong all week, so who knows what happens. I started out for this outfit with the bodice of Named Clothing's Ailakki Jumpsuit. Let me tell you. it was a disaster on my body. I don't think its made for those among us that are a bit more busty than the model. Plus: bra showing all over the place. Not good. I didn't even wanted to fix it because it looked so horrible, so dumped the muslin and went on with a dress I've wanted to make since the pattern was released: Named Clothing's Kielo Wrap Dress. The sample on the website is quite blah, but I knew that it could be awesome. I decided to start out in a fabric suited for wearable muslin making in case it wouldn't be as fabulous as I thought it could be. named wrap dress kielo frontnamed kielo wrap dress side


  • fabric: linen/cotton wrinkled fabric, 2 meters (no ironing, yes.)
  • pattern: Named Clothing - Kielo Wrap Dress
  • Size:40
named kielo wrap dress front shot

Adjustments after fitting

  • Took in the back shoulder with 1.5 cm
  • Took in the sideseams going from 4 cm to 0, 25 cm underneath the pointy part
  • Shortened at the hem with 7 cm
  • Shortened the ties with 8 cm
  • Lowered the front neckline with 4 cm
  • Lowered the back neckline with 3 cm
  • Took 6 cm out of the back in the darts
  • Lengthened the back darts with 3 cm
named kielo wrap dress back

Some thoughts on this pattern

I used the PDF version of this pattern. As always with Named Patterns they are nested in 4 parts, 32-24, 36-38, 40-42, 44-46. With this particular pattern, that's not really a problem. I did find the size 40 to turn out big at my upper body, but perfect at my bum. I originally thought about using a 42, but that would have been way to big. Since I got a question from Stéphanie on which size I sewed and what my measurements are, I thought I'd share them here too so it would be easier for you to pick a size yourself! My measurements Height: 1.60 5'3" at my best days Bust: 97 cm / 38" Waist: 72 cm / 28" Hips: 109 cm / +- 42" The pattern was traced in a straight size 40 and sewn up for fitting. Since the Kielo Wrap Dress only consists of 3 pattern pieces (front, back and ties) it comes together quickly. I recommend to mark you notches carefully, putting the dress together sometimes feels like origami! I also experimented with the ties and tried out different knots. These are two other favorites: (pictures taken with iPad late at night :-)) knot 1 knot 2 I'm quite happy with this wearable muslin and think it looks already party appropriate. I will be making a second version for the upcoming wedding festivities in this fabric, which has even more drape to it. It's listed as chiffon, but I don't think it is chiffon since it doesn't have the typical texture or transparency. It's rayon though, so I'm happy. I think that will be absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to see how it turns out!