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My First Video: Sewing Café Tag

Good evening! First I'd like to start by inviting everybody to take part in the giveaway I'm hosting to celebrate my 107th blog posts (this one is n°109, by the way!) If you haven't entered yet, you have time to do so untill friday! Your comments are making me smile big time! A while ago I was tagged by Lieke of A Bouquet of Buttons. I was asked the question: "what's in your sewing machine drawer" I finally managed to shoot a video of what's in the drawer! Sewing Café is a series of webisodes on sewing and everything that comes with sewing. It's non-tutorial based. It aims to show the fun and joy of sewing instead of focusing on the learning/serious stuff. Making this video was quite a learning experience in itself (hello, tons of mistakes in English, lovely to meet you!) I was a bit nervous, so I kept rambling about too much stuff, which is why the video ended up quite long. (SORRY) English is not my mother tongue so I obviously made a lot of mistakes. Flenglish (the Flemish version of English) is an official language in my book! Some notes: First I totally mispronounced Bouquet, I am aware of that. Second: I messed up the end part so I had to reshoot it. Of course I already cleaned my desk, so that's why it's empty in the last part! Third: I know I should have kept the camera horizontal. But I was stubborn. I will fix it next time! Also: I tagged Emily of Belgian Seams and Anneke of Annette Tirette! What do you think of my first video? Do you like the Sewing Café concept?