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From The Studio: May Update

打印 This is my monthly update on what's going on behind the scenes and plans I'm making in orde to be a true #girlboss. Need to catch up? The previous episodes and more are all here! June is coming up with a bootload of work, so things will be more quite around here. I'll explain everything into detail but first: let's check those May Goals!

May Goals

  • send out my newsletter
I did! I was a good girl and send it out on May 29th. Well, procrastinating is in my genes, but I'm okay with it!
  • finish the book lay-out
Also done! I've came up with a design, so all that needs to be done now is edit everything and apply the lay-out to the text. Which is easier said than done, but I'll manage.
  • write down a launchplan for Sewing Translated
uups. Need to do this. I feel like I need to wrap my head around this before I can execute it so I'm reading a bit on how to launch. If you want to read too: ByRegina.com has good ideas on this topic!
  • dive into redesigning my blog (I feel an itch for change...)=> Collect inspiration on a pinterest board
I've been collecting images I like and things will start changing here. I'm excited about it!
  • make something for myself.
Selfish sewing, I love you. Well, I think that all of my selfish sewing makes me a better sewer, so I consider it as training! I've made two Kielo Wrap dresses to proof that they are not boring (1 - 2 ) and another rub-off dress in techno fabric.

Income report

sad face. No income to report for the business in May. June will be glorious though. (Or so I hope)

Changes and doing what you love

A week ago we had a public holiday in Belgium and I spent it sewing. While I was sewing I was so happy. I was thinking about the last 6 months and how I put a lot of time into blogging (which I enjoy) but I don't enjoy sitting behind my computer that often. I like making things with my hands and the process of creating something from scratch out of fabric. I've been playing with an idea for a while now and I will pursue this idea in the next couple of months. This means that it will be a bit more quiet on the blog while I put my time into:
  • finishing up Sewing Translated
  • redesigning this place and deciding if that's what I want
  • working at HETPALEIS 3/5 days.
  • write a plan for the idea that's been dancing in my head for months
  • work on Sew It Up (cause I LOVE Sew It Up and feel like that could truly become golden)
I think that it's so important to listen to your gut when you are working and trying to make a living for yourself and so I decided to finally listen. We'll see how it goes but I have a strong feeling that I need to at least try this new idea! No goals this month, since June will be filled with more than fulltime work, finishing up the school year and trying to keep my **** together. Bare with me through the changes and I'll see you soon!