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From The Studio: Monthly Update: March

打印Another month has passed and I feel like it truly has changed the way I tackle this thing called life/work. I'm really excited about some insights I had last month so I'm happy to share them with you all! If you'd like to now what my "business" is about, go to the January update for a current overview of my situation! February was filled with struggles regarding health and managing stress levels. I tried to attack the business side of things, but at the end of february/first week of March I felt so tired and burned out that I knew something had to change. I sat down with my boyfriend and we talked for a very long time. He is the best listener and is so good in asking questions that truly go to the source of the problem. In this case: total lack of sleep. Turns out you cannot get up early and work late (or at least, I can't) without turning into a nervous wreck. It truly sucked. I wasn't happy with the work I produced, wasn't happy with how I was teaching... I felt really crappy. So I changed the way I lived. I sleep in later (until 9AM, yes I know) and go to bed before 12PM. This makes me a happy person. I'm making sure I get my sleep and that I eat healthy. This works wonders for both my mental and physical happiness :-)

My goals for March - How did I do?

  • Come up with a schedule: find a dedicated day for each project so I know what I need to work on when that day arrives (no more time wasted trying to figure out what to do first)
I'm still working on a schedule, but it's hard since my tasks change from month to month. I try to come up with an idea on Sunday about what I need to do that week. This helps. I simply write 5 tasks down on a post-it and put them on my computer. 5 tasks (big ones) are manageable and not too overwhelming. I also started batch working. For example, I write most of my blogposts on one day and plan them. If I want to take pictures of an outfit, I take all outfit pictures for that week. This helps me to save time. I only need to get the tripod out once :-)
  • Put less on my list so I don't freak out about it. Doing more is optional. I don't need to achieve every goal I want to achieve this year in one week.
See above. By putting 5 tasks on my list it's possible to actually accomplish them. Things don't get done as fast but they get done properly. yay!
  • Plan 5 workshops with the new workshop venue.
Since I'm so crazy busy I decided to put the workshops at the new venue on hold for a while. I probably will be teaching a workshop about mending on May 8th, but that's all for now.
  • Finish two client orders.
DONE! Check them out here! So happy that I've finished them and that the clients were happy! If you want a made-to-measure outfit: go here! I have some free spots available for May (just in time for communions and weddings!)
  • Sew something fun for myself!
Mission accomplished. I made a Lady Nettie, a sparkly dress and a second cropped Linden sweater. Key of my plan for not feeling like I don't have time is adding enough time for selfish sewing. This works wonders!
  • Launch my newsletter. (you can subscribe in the top right corner of my blog!)
Uhm, this still needs to be done but it's on my list for April. I will send one! Promised!

Income report

client work: €210

April Goals

  • send out my first newsletter
  • finish the lay-out for my e-book: sewing translated
  • set up a launch plan for my e-book: sewing translated
  • make something for myself.
Since I will be working this easter holiday instead of having the time of (which would be normal with my teaching job, I decided to keep the goals on a minimum but truly execute them properly. I feel very energised and excited about this month. In terms of work: I will be working 5 days at the costume department of HetPaleis, so that's something I'm looking forward too. I actually start tomorrow and will be working there this week and next week. That's very exciting for me! I'm also teaching three workshops at Veritas. 2 for kids this Easter holiday and 1 for adults on the 27th of April. If you are interested in learning to sew you can check them out here! So tell me. How are you doing with your plans? Any advice or experience you want to share? Let me know in the comments!