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Looking for sewing classes & located in Belgium?

Tomorrow is September 1st in and Belgium this means: Back to school! New school year means new beginnings too (even more so than January 1st, in my book!) so I'm here with some updates & news! First: I'll be taking a new class myself! I've applied for "maker of lingerie & corsets" at Syntra AB and I'm very excited about this. I've been contemplating following a course like this for 4 years and I'm very happy I finally decided to actually DO it. That's so important: actually doing the work in order to reaching goals and fullfilling dreams! Second: This year I'll be teaching art & textiles to kids at DKO Antwerpen. If you got a kid that loves drawing, painting or textile fiber arts & sewing, you can go here and get started! I'm also teaching at a fashion & costume design program at the same school for adults together with the wonderful Chris Snik, so if you are an adult and interested in costume design: go here! Third: I'll be teaching a 5 classes sewing workshop at Veritas again this fall. Classes start this Friday and run for 5 weeks. I'm teaching the workshops at Frankrijklei in Antwerp. You get to pick your own project and I'll show you how to make it & provide all the tips&tricks that are in my book. So excited about this! Interested? Go here for details! That's all! Can't wait to get started and make this schoolyear into another wonderful year!