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Leopard Printed Everything, Including a Briar Sweater

leopard printed everything briar top 4 We all know I'm not the person for a minimalist wardrobe in the pinterest meaning of the word (aka white everything, scaring the crap out of me if I want to eat, drink or do whatever I'm doing that moment in that white, empty space *they* describe as the ultimate goal) Same goes for my wardrobe. I love mixing textures and prints into my outfits and my faux leather dress needed a new sweater to go with it. I wanted to try Megan Nielsens' Briar top & sweater for ages since I've seen people looking fabulous in them all over the internet and in real life (hello, Stéphanie!) so I knew I had to try and see if it would work for me too!


leopard printed everything briar top 3

Measurements and size

My bust is 38″,so I went for M My waist is 28″ so a S would do I picked a M, since I wanted it to fit well across the bust. you can always take it in, but you can't let it out! My last make with a Megan Nielsen pattern learned me that I need to make at least an M in her sizing. leopard printed everything briar top 6

Pattern and Construction

I used the PDF version of the Briar pattern. Taping it together already happened in July (shocker!) but I remember it coming together quickly and without a lot of head scratching. After measuring the sleeves I added 2.5 cm to the length, I have really long arms and I hate it when my sleeves are too short. I'm so used to roll up my sleeves, that I usually do so, but I love having the option to have them at full length. Since this was such an easy make, I didn't really looked for the instructions. I simply sewed the shoulder seams together and added some fusible tape so the shoulders wouldn't stretch out over time. This turned out to be a good decision, since the knit is superstretchy and has no idea what "recovery" means. I finished the neckline with a band. I used the provided pattern piece and it worked out perfectly. Everything was sewn on the overlock, except for hems which I sewed with a zigzag stitch on my sewing machine. I seriously miss the coverlock I borrowed from Joost, so I plan on investing in one in the very near future. It gives a much more professional finish without all the hassle of twin-needles. I know how to use them and get good results, but a coverlock is about 1000x times easier to use! leopard printed everything briar top 5

Adjustments & final thoughts

During fitting, I noticed that the shoulder seams where 4 cm down my shoulder point. That wasn't the look I was going for (or the look the pattern was going for!) so I shortened the shoulders with about 4 cm. See shots below (also shared on Instagram in the process) for the difference before and after. 2015-10-25 20.14.36 2015-10-25 20.33.42 I really like this sweater and have been wearing him already (literally: sewn Sunday evening: worn Monday & Tuesday!) Next time I might try making a size S with an FBA. I think the proportions are a bit off. Whatever I decide on doing, this sweater needs more length at the front next time. When I pull up my arms, it's a good thing I'm also wearing a dress. If I ever make this as a t-shirt, there will be a lot of lenght added. leopard printed everything briar top 2 So, I expect to be back here soon with a bit more finished makes! I have a pile of projects that need finishing such as a wearable muslin version of Sewaholic's Nicola that only needs buttons and buttonholes, a jersey maxi dress that needs a hem, and a bunch of other projects that are in various stages of 'not yet done' I've also been working like a true #girlboss on a series of client projects which I can't wait to share with you all! Onto the next sewing adventure!