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What I've learned last week #79

sewingwithsequins3 The last couple of months, I've learned a lot of things online. I'd like to share a couple of those with you. Maybe they can help you too. #1 We can change. Just because you haven’t been able to succeed with a particular goal or intention — yet! — doesn’t mean you never will. Never forget that. Encouraging words by Alexandra Franzen.

#2 Wondering how to correctly add hem allowance? Here's a quick tutorial!

#3 Want to add slow into your undie drawer? Here's a guide featuring both rtw + diy.

#4 Looking for materials? Here's Etsy's guide on how to source responsible materials

#5 Cut her out flat and make them round: patterns that will work (or not) an analysis by Sewing On The Edge.

What did you learn last week?
image source: my own