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What I've learned last week #52

0a4314e75d9baccf240e9d5c4acd9251 The last couple of months, I've learned a lot of things online. I'd like to share a couple of those with you. Maybe they can help you too. #1 I was never very happy in science classes, but this Periodic Table of Sewing Elements made my day! #2 The working life of a lingerie designer! I love these "working life" series by The Guardian.

#3 Looking to make some lingerie yourself? One of my favorite lingerie designers and pattern designer Sarah Norwood from Ohhh Lulu shares some "Lingerie Anatomy".

#4 I love this video about Ket Youngstead, who makes all of the clothes in her shop by hand! #5 If you need to sell something, take notes from this girl who sold 22 000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies! What did you learn last week?
image source: Craft Foxes