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What I've learned last week #112

It's about time for another round of what I've learned last week! There's also a public service announcement at the back, so stay tuned! #1 Oldie but goldie: JUST MAKE IT ALREADY. This goes for everything: want to try something: Try it already.

#2 My friend Anneke is SO talented, these new drawings are no exception to the quality of her work; So beautiful!

#3 You no longer need to run. You can stay in courage and awesomeness.

#4 Pretty Little Liars is one of my favorite series. Here's a test on which Pretty Little Liar you might be. (Spoiler alert: I'm A, #OMG)

#5 Not sure what to write about? Here's a list of ideas by Alexandra Franzen.

What did you learn last week? Update: Craftmarket season has started and this is the first year I'll be participating (YAY) If you are in Belgium, come and say hi at my first market of the season: Zondag Ambacht, 30/04, 14-18h (Warotstraat, Winksele (Near Leuven) Come and say hi! Get in touch if you want more information: hanne hannevandersteen.be!
image: Behind the scenes: new shipment of supplies for more Paris Summer bralettes & panties! ! For more daily life, you can always follow the happy mail!