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What I've learned last week #107

So here we are with installment number 107 of the What I've Learned series. So excited to share this week's links with you! #1 There's no such thing as miracle overnight successes. There's slow progress and hard work.

#2 "If the guilt, fear, regret, anger, worry, stress, frustration, pain or whatever it is you are carrying is too heavy, put it down for a while" A simple but powerful thing we need to realize and act upon.

#3 I'm obsessed with behind the scenes footage from ateliers and studio's from the couture ateliers of Chanel and Dior to this short documentary on Harris Tweed. Love it! If you are interested in how clothes are made, starting at the source of cloth is always a good idea! I love how this tweed is supporting and supported by an entire community.

#4 inbox zero is possible. Here's more advice. (Now, to follow through on it, that would be the key)

#5 Looking back on what Michelle Obama wore and why it mattered. Such a great article!

What did you learn last week?
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