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What I've learned last week #100

2016-10-17-14-02-54 The last couple of months I learned a lot of things! This is the 100th post in this series and i'm pretty excited to find out I've been at this for over 2 years now! Consistency is good. The funny thing about these posts is that I hardly get any comments on it here at the blog, but that I get a lot of emails, tweets and face to face comments about it! So happy to hear that you all like reading these posts! So here is installment number 100! #1 Focusing on 1 project at a time instead of trying to 'multitask' is something I'm working. Here's why and how to start focusing!

#2 The turn of cloth is the extra fabric your garment needs to turn over in for example a collar. This article will explain the turn of cloth!

#3 Be small, be consistent, work hard. Grow. This is what I've been doing recently it starts to work.

#4 The reason why ready to wear clothes or patterns out of the envelope usually don't fit you: manufacturers are winging it when it comes to sizes.

#5 Decision fatigue surely is a thing. And I'm not the president of the US, but I still eat the same breakfast every day. One less decision to make.

What did you learn last week?
image: A snapshot of my favorite piece from my upcoming mini-collection! For more daily life, you can always follow me on instagram!