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Lady Nettie: Servant of teachers and others who long for comfort

lady nettie front view As you can tell by my face in this picture, I'm quite happy with my latest make! As soon as I spotted this matte jersey fabric at Pauli, I knew it would become another lady skater/nettie mash-up. I was a bit more creative than last time and managed to come up with a proper name for this mash-up: Lady Nettie. As in: Lady Nettie, servant of teachers and others who long for comfort (and want to look a tad stylish while going about their day) lady nettie back view Details
  • fabric: Pauli, matte jersey
  • pattern: Closet Case Files – Nettie bodysuit&dress for the bodice + KitschyCoo's Lady Skater for the skirt.
  • Size: 12 (bust) 6 (waist), medium for skirt part.
  • variation: scoop neck, medium back, short sleeves
lady nettie front side view

Flat Pattern Adjustments

  • added 4 cm to the back neckline to make layering easier
  • added 2 cm to the scoop front for modesty reasons
  • added a waistband that hits me right at the waist. I always feel like this type of dresses need either a belt or a waistband, and or ultimate comfort I opted for the waistband.
lady nettie front view 2It might be just me, but I think this dress looks so good on me. I always consider it a win when dresses make you look good + feel amazing and are comfortable at the same time. That might be one of the biggest achievements when sewing for yourself: the amount of well fitting clothes you get that actually make you look good. YAY! lady nettie side view
P.S.: want to see a full lady skater in this fabric? Check out Inge's make! She looks fabulous in her version too!