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It's a blanket against everything: Schnittchen Malu Coat [For Sale]

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! This post is long overdue, but life happened and suddenly it's November. For week 2's sewalong on Sew It Up I decided to make Schnittchen's Malu coat. After last year's Burda #125 aka 'is it a Bathrobe-coat' I wanted to give the Winter coat thing another try. I didn't try any of the Schnittchen patterns before I embarked on this Malu Mission, but the drawings and pictures of this coat looked exactly as the type of loose coat with a hood I was going for. Oh boy. It was a long time in the making. I used a PDF version of the Malu coat, which I bought at Kollabora (Schnittchen's webshop was closed at the time) Taping the monster that is a coat together was quite a challenge. Here's a picture of the pattern once taped together. It is huge! 2014-09-20 21.15.01I think that's normal since it has a couple of different options and it's a coat. Fabric & Notions Pattern: Schnittchen Malu Coat, size 40, version with hood, zip and welt pockets Fabric: Grey striped Missoni Wool bought at Pauli, Leuven Black cashmere wool, Au Bonheur Des Dames, Paris Black lining, Tissus Reine, Paris Zip & thread: Veritas & Stash malu Pattern notes & adaptations I knew that I didnt had enough fabric to make it in one colour. I planned this coat in August, so I bought some extra cashmere wool to go with the Missoni Stripes I already had in my stash. I modified the pattern to have more of a raglan-sleeve look. This made sure that I could cut the coat shell from two different fabrics. I transferred the grainline to the sleeve piece as well, so my coat would hang properly. Since the pattern comes with specific pattern pieces for lining (something for example Burda does not include) I didn't had to redraw those pieces, which made for an quick and easy process. After trying my coat on, I added some belt loops, since it's quite big otherwise. I also added snaps to close the flap that goes over the zip. Since there's a flap, the wind can't go through the zip, which is crucial on a bike! I followed all included instructions. The instructions provide you also with nifty tricks for sewing the lining to the shell with a sewing machine. This makes for a quick sew. give me a waist you waistband detail zak detail mouw Details: welt pocket & the adapted sleave piece. Reactions & thoughts You'll probably will not believe it, but everyone (boyfriend, friend, boyfriend's parents...)thinks it's a bathrobe. Yes, AGAIN. I don't know yet how I feel about this coat yet. I think it's a bit too big on me. I'm quite short (159 cm / 5ft3) so maybe that's the problem. Let me know what you think too! hoodie details backview I must admit though that this coat is super warm and covers me completely when I'm riding my bike, which was the goal. I also plan on making a more elegant coat for parties and events using the Andy pattern by Named using a sequined black wool & black cashmere. zip it up Goofy alarm! sideview malu Can you give me advice on winter coat patterns that will provide me with a superwarm coat and still look somewhat elegant? I can't seem to find them! I have some wool cashmere and some blue boiled wool, so that are two options. I love making coats, so I don't mind sewing another one for this winter. Maybe I'll sell this one to someone who's a bit taller? Thoughts, anyone? UPDATE: I decided to part ways with this coat, (even though it's the warmest, snuggliest coat I've ever had) So if you are looking for something to protect you from the elements and make you feel all warm and fuzzy: it's up for sale! E-mail me at contacthanne@gmail.com for more information!)