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Use your inventory as your inspiration - thoughts on the stash

So, I'm writing this standing at my cutting table in my studio since I really wanted to catch up with you all! I'm currently on this massive journey through all of my stash doing an inventory and even though I already knew that I have A TON of fabric and supplies, counting them shows me how much I actually have. I'm at fabric piece number 135 and I'm not done. You only know what you've got when you are counting it, that's for sure! It seems like doing an inventory is one of the more boring parts of running a business, but it's actually an eye-opening and very inspiring experience so far! inventory inspiration The reason why I wanted to talk to you is this: I'm actually really enjoying touching all of the fabrics and materials again! Touching them really shows me if I still love them, or if they no longer 'spark joy', as a certain Marie Kondo would say. I'm also scribbling down notes for new product ideas and for other things I'd like to do with the fabrics I already own. It's so easy to think that you need to new shiny things to find inspiration, while actually, at least for me, my inspiration comes from the inventory at the moment! inventory inspiration pile Of course, I'm listing all the measurements and attributes of every item in my studio, but that's something that you wouldn't need to do if you're not running a business. You could actually just go through everything and see what you already own. However, I do think that going through your stash of supplies could really help you find inspiration and would help you figure out what you want to use, and what you no longer need. This philosophy of revisiting what we already own, and brainstorming ideas for how to use what we already own, is so valuable in a time where we can get whatever we want with a next-day delivery. So tell me, do you go through your closet to find joy and inspiration in the garments hanging there? If you are a maker yourself, do you revisit your stash to find inspiration and new love for older fabrics? When was the last time you truly searched through everything in order to find out if your clothes, fabrics, supplies still sparked joy and happiness? Let me know!
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