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Inspirational Drawings to get Your Creative Juices Flowing

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Today I want to kick off this week with some inspirational drawings. I think it can be really helpful to watch inspiring examples of drawings. Every artist has his or her own style and uses different techniques, which might be helpful. I gathered some illustrations and books that inspire me. And I hope they inspire you as well!

Cally Blackman - 100 years of fashion illustration

I found this book in the library and fell in love. It contains fashion illustrations starting in 1900 'till the end of the 20th century. I love how the style of the illustrations differs between each decade and each fashion silhouette. 100 years illustration 2 100 years illustration 3 100 years illustration 4 100 years illustration 5 100 years illustration 6 100 years illustration

Delphine Pinasa & Martine Kahana - Christian Lacroix, Costumier

This book shows examples of the beautiful drawings done by fashion designer Christian Lacroix. I love the fact that these aren't designs for his fashion shows, but for theatre and opera. christian lacroix costumier 2 christian lacroix costumier 3 christian lacroix costumier

Robert Violette - Hussein Chalayan

Hussein Chalayan makes very precise sketches of his designs. This books showcases his final work and also the sketches and notes he made while designing each collection. The sketches come on an insert that gives them an extra special feeling. hussein chalayan (2) hussein chalayan 2 hussein chalayan 3 hussein chalayan 4

Delphine Pinasa - Christian Lacroix, La source

Another book with drawings by Christian Lacroix, this time for the production of 'La Source' in the Paris Opera. What I love about this book is how the placed drawings and designs next to the finished costume. This truly shows how the maker interpreted the design. I love seeing things like this! christian lacroix la source 2 (1) christian lacroix la source 2 (2) christian lacroix la source Bibliography I hope you enjoyed this first post! If you have any inspiring drawings to share, please do so in the comments!
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