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My hazels make up 50% of my summer wardrobe and I'm okay with that

I must confess something. I have an addiction. And addiction to wearing Hazel dresses in summertime. I've made various versions now (1 unblogged) and I'd easily make more. And here in this post I present you with number 5 (not a mambo, sadly) My camera settings went crazy so I have about 3 pictures that aren't all whited out or blurry. Striped Hazel dress front view Smug face, fancy shoes. My kind of fun! So, the pattern is Hazel by Colette Patterns. Last summer, when I cut out this dress I thought I paid attention to stripes, but I still managed to get the stripe that was supposed to be down the center off center. Well, that happens when you cut out fabric during your spare time on sewing camp (rushing is a bad idea, sewing camp is awesome) This fabric is the bomb in my opinion since it looks as if someone doodled all over it with a blue pen. As a kid I had several pairs of leggings on which I doodled (which made my parents quite angry and rightfully so) and now this fabric has pen all over it, awesome!


  • fabric: Nani-Iro - Saa Saa, double gauze
  • notions: blinde zip from stash
  • lining: 100% cotton popeline from Moens, local fabric shop
  • pattern: Colette Patterns - Hazel
  • Size: 8
hazel gestreept achterkant 2


  • shortened the straps with 4 cm
  • deepened the darth with 2 cm and curved it (my tip for avoiding pointy boobs with this pattern!)
  • took in the back with 4 cm
  • swapped the skirt for two whole width of fabric
  • added lining to the bodice and the skirt
hazel gestreept zijkant donkerderLooking at this picture, I realise I need to take care of my posture to avoid looking pregnant. I can assure you I'm not. What is a fact is that this dress indeed is less flattering (in my opinion) than my previous versions. I think it's caused by bulk fabric from the gathers at the waist. I really don't mind this, since the dress is still super comfortable and very cool to wear on summer days. A win in my book!
PS: want to see more Hazel dresses? check out this Pomegranate version, this floral version and this leopard printed version!