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Happy Clients: dresses for a mother/daughter duo!

happy clients sign A while ago I was contacted by a good friend and she wanted to order a gift card for my made-to-measure service. She wanted to give this gift to her mother for her birthday. When I heard her mother picked my serviced out of three gift options I felt so honored! I became even more happy when said friend let me know that she also wanted to order dresses for herself! Yay! I love dressing friends and I love making people look and feel awesome. So today I proudly presents two happy clients wearing three dresses! client work gonda dressclient work gonda dress back client work gonda sideGonda, the awesome mom, came to me with an old favorite of hers. She only requested one thing: please add sleeves. So I did. She also brought me this beautiful printed fabric. It was only a small amount, so I had to get creative to get all of the pattern pieces out of it! clients work anne clients work anne Here's the daughter of this mother/daughter duo: the beautiful Anne. She's one of the sweetest and kindest persons I know and I think it shows in this pictures. The dress she's wearing in the pictures above is an adapted Elisalex/Belladone hybrid made up in a liberty wool. The one below is an adapted Belladone with extra design details we came up with. The fabric on this one is a wax cotton. clients work anne clients work anne front clients work anne back view Thanks for having a look at my work. I'm happy with it and more important: the clients were very happy! Happy clients truly make my day!
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