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All the glitter in my stash happens to be black

This months theme on Sew It Up Monthly was "Less Black, More Glitter". I was in for some serious trouble. I love black! Now, I also love a good challenge, and went digging through my stash to find something that had ALL THE GLITTER. Turns out that the only glitter in my stash was black. Oh well, I decided to roll with it! minderzwartmeerglitter jasje Hanne 2 Let me add that these pictures were taken on a deadline at 1 AM. So not the best of quality, but I happen to like the atmosphere in them!


  • fabric: boiled wool with an added layer of sequins, bought at Au Bonheur des Dames in Paris a couple of years ago
  • thread: Amann Mettler
  • pattern: Knipmode, jacket number 3, January 2016 issue
  • size: 40
This is the line drawing for the jacket knipmode januari 2016 jasje 3 minderzwartmeerglitter jasje Hanne

Measurements & Size

My bust is 97 cm, so I knew that the finished version in size 40 would normally fit me. Knipmode is made for tall people, so I started by taking of 4 cm of the length at the back to 0 at the front. After fitting I chopped another 4 cm off of the hem. This jacket truly was trying to eat me, so I took 2 cm out of the upper arm seam, 3 cm out of the lower arm seam and side seams and another 3 cm out of the back panels. So much fabric! Also, this kimono sleeve doesn't really work on me, I should keep that in mind for a next make! minderzwartmeerglitter jasje Hanne 5 minderzwartmeerglitter jasje Hanne 3 I must say, I'm not sure yet if this jacket will get a lot of wear, but I might alter it surely is a sparkly number! I still love the fabric a lot and it goes with a lot of my wardrobe (I think it will look pretty cool with my stashvember ensemble!) Now, where's the champagne?