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Get Inspired: artists that make fashion drawings work

draw al the things 2015Today in this Draw All The Things series, we'll get started by getting inspired! I feel taht inspiration is everywhere! You can learn a big deal from looking at the world with your eyes open! I also love to dive into the work of established designers and artists. Today, both Anneke and I are sharing some work that inspires us! I'd like to introduce you all to the work of Piet Paris. Piet Paris is a fashion illustrator. He used to work for himself, but now he's working as Studio Piet Paris. A design bureau and consultancy. The work of Dutch designer Piet Paris has been featured in renowned magazines such as Elle and is a huge influencer in the fashion illustration world. He teaches master classes, gives lectures and established the Arnhem Mode Biennale, a cultural event on fashion. Typical for his work are strong composition and layering. piet paris illustratie piet paris illustratie 4 piet paris illustratie 2 piet paris illustartie 000506image 000428image 000427image Source: Piet Paris Would you like to know who Anneke picked? Hop on over to her blog to find out! Do you have an artists who's work you admire? Let me know in the comments!