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A Floral Rigel Bomber

This might not be the most original title for a blogpost on the awesome Rigel Bomber pattern. I've seen so many gorgeous floral versions in the blogosphere, amongst them the lovely version of Sally (The Quirky Peach) and Elisabeth (Sewn by Elisabeth) But a while ago, this lovely velvety floral fabric arrived at Madame Tirette, where I work, and I knew it had to became a bomber jacket. My bomber jacket. I had the Rigel Bomber (Papercut Patterns) in my pattern stash and decided to give it a go. Bomber jackets aren't my go to shape, so it was quite out of my comfort zone. Floral Rigel BomberAfter wearing it a couple times, I still feel like it's a bit long. I'm rather short, so that might have something to do with it. I love the colours though and it's such a soft fabric! overal shotThis is my face that says I'm quite pleased. I did not line the jacket, because I wanted to get my head around this version first. Next time I might line it to hide the pockets on the inside. You don't see the inside of the pockets when I wear the jacket though, so for me it's not that big of a deal. overal shot 2 Floral Rigel BomberI'm still searching for good outfits with this jacket. It was one of those makes that I really want to make and then when it's finished I keep thinking: hm, I don't really know how to combine this piece... The fact that I don't wear pants isn't helping either. detail logo detail bandinzet detail welt pocketThe construction of this jacket was very straight forward. Even the welt pockets were easy peasy. I was really scared, but the instructions are very clear and if you follow them, it can't go wrong. The instructions provided to attach the ribbing to the bottom of the jacket are also quite nifty. Such a neat corner. I was very impressed with the way the pieces fit together! I worked on my bomber in a couple sessions, but it doesn't take too much time to put one together. The only thing I'd change next time is maybe shorten the bodice (I'm short) and lenghten the sleeves. I picked a size S, but I feel like the sleeves are a little too short on me. I'm a long armed dwarf. That might be possible :-) floral rigel bomberRigel bomber: check! I'm very pleased, even though it's far out of my comfort zone to wear bomber jackets! That's the freedom of sewing, you get to explore every shape and every fabric and you learn a lot from doing so! Did you ever made something outside of your style comfort zone? Was it a hit or a miss when finished? ************************************************************************************** Also, check back on this page next Tuesday! Today I had a meeting with Caroline and we are planning something rather exciting! (or so we think) It will be mainly for people blogging/sewing in the Netherlands or Belgium, but everyone else gets to join in on the fun as well! Some bloggers might know what we are talking about, but please keep it quiet for one more week!