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FESA 2013 Update Part 1

Hallo! (that's how we say hi in Flemish) So, it's already october, 23th! One month to go and FESA 2013 will be over! Which reminds me that I should get to work to finish my coat (who am I trying to fool here...: finish the pattern for my coat, the coat itself is not even close to being complete!) Despite the whining about teeth, having a birthday party, making Jedediah Pants for my boyfriend (pictures coming up the moment the pants are through their first washing cycle) and testing patterns for the sewing classes I host, I found time to make myself a version of Colette's newest release: Zinnia. As some of you probably noticed on twitter , the print at home version of this pattern counts 76 -SEVENTY SIX - pages. Yes, that makes you go insane... It took me twice as much time to tape everything together and cut it up again than it took me to sew up my version. You have to take a break from it every now and then... otherwise this might happen: Was it worth it? Well... I am not sure yet. I like the outcome of my skirt, but I think I could have drafted my own version in less time than the time it took me to tape this pattern pieces together! My original plan was to make version 2 with this fabric I got at a friend's sisters homesale. zinnia rokje Want to see what it looks like now? Zinnia 3 Thank God it was rather hot today (20°C in autumn, that's perfect when you don't know what cardigan to pair with your new skirt!) As you can see I made some modifications to version 2 of the pattern... I cut a size 8 (my normal size for Colette). However, wearing it today, it feels a little loose around my waist. Maybe I'll cut the next one in a size 6. I can wear this to dinner though, plenty of room to fit a food baby. Zinnia 1 My fabric was very wide (160 cm), so I did not cut pieces on the cross grain. I simple put everything on the straight grain. I don't think it makes any difference with this skirt + my print looks better this way! Other adaptations included hemming the skirt with hot pink bias tape, topstitching with hot pink thread (yes, it's a theme). I also added a lapped zipper instead of an invisible one (and topstitched it with hot pink thread) I prefere a sturdy zipper with a more sturdy fabric... Since I am ultra short and have a love for shorter skirts (long skirts tend to eat me unless they are floor lenght) I cut off 10 cm of the bottom after assembling it. I simply did not liked the length of it (under the knee in my case). I am a short skirted type of girl, what can I say... I'll need to make some longer skirts though, for teaching in a high school next year. Don't want hormonal kids making fun of my awesome legs. Might not be appropriate... Zinnia 2It does provide me with a perfect skirt to have a Marilyn Monroe-moment. You can check all my plans for FESA 2013 in this post! Have you made a Zinnia already? What are your thought about skirt lengths?