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Fashion Revolution Day

Hello you all! First: let me thank all of you for your lovely comments and feedback on the launch of Sew It Up! I'm still all giddy about it! Some people said they were worried about time: we don't want you to go all crazy. Assignments will be given (and to be kept secret) before the competition starts so we are all still sane by the end of it. (and you don't want to kill us) I can also say that we had some great feedback from a couple lovely sponsors and that's also a relief (and very nice of them, Thank you! You know who you are! We'll give them a huge shout out on the official Sew It Up website! ) Next up is something very important! who made your clothingAbby (Things for boys), Celina (Petit a Petit and Family) and Laure (Behind the Hedgerow) have been working on something special. April 24th is Fashion Revolution day - a global campaing aiming to re-establish the connections, transparency and relationships along each step of the fashion supply chain. On this day, everyone is encouraged to wear an item of clothing inside out to raise awareness about how our clothes are made. The three ladies are organising a FFlash Mob. The idea is to post a photo of your handmade garments inside out on your blog, instagram, twitter, facebook... (you get it) on April 24th. To take part you can go to one of these blogs
sign up and read more about it. In the mean time I'll sit here and thinkg about which garment I'll show. See if I can find one that's properly finished on the inside... Who's in?