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Draw All The Things - We're back!

Remember last year, when I hosted a series of posts on drawing? Remember how I also invited Anneke over for some guest posting fun? Well... we are back with more! Draw All The Things is happening THIS week! We listened to questions from last year and we decided to add to the program! This year we are diving in to this Draw All The Things adventure with the two of us and we invite everyone to join us! draw al the things 2015 Being able to draw your own sewing projects & get clear on what every item of clothing will look like is a big plus in my book. There are a lot of options and techniques available and in my opinion: everyone can draw. It's a matter of getting over your fears and enjoying yourself! As for this edition of Draw All The Things we have added a lot of things to the program!

This year we're making EVERYTHING bigger!

We've compelled 8 days of drawing fun! First off it's full on inspiration mode: Both on Anneke's blog and my blog, you'll discover artists that might inspire you! You'll also learn how to print your own fabric in your own home! We'll cover how to draw a human body + put some clothes on it! You'll learn how you can add textures to your drawings, so they will stand out! We also have a bonus: Discover the secret of tiling prints, so you can design your own fabric! And more! So, we're getting started tomorrow! Who's in on this fun? For now, you can find all the posts from last year here to get started!