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Cropped Linden Sweatshirt

linden cropped sweatshirt quilted frontLast Friday night I wanted to sew something. I had 3 criteria
  • I wanted to sew something for myself.
  • I'm lacking options in the tops&sweatshirt department.
  • I wanted something that I could complete that same evening

Enter: another Cropped Linden Sweatshirt.

Since I'm a big lover of high waisted skirts and dresses I can hardly find any normal sweatshirts in store that don't cut into the skirt portion of the dress and make me look like a fat toddler. Add the fact that I'm 5'2" and you know why all sweatshirts hit me halfway my bum or below my hips. Not a flattering look. (If you want to see someone rocking a proper length sweatshirt, check out Anneke, she's got that skill down) linden cropped sweatshirt quilted sideI used the same alterations as in my previous Linden (cropped it with 16 cm) but I also took in the sideseams and sleeves (to zero at the elbow) with 3 cm. I feel that this is a bit more flattering in this fabric. linden cropped sweatshirt quilted back 2

Okay, I know you want details

Fabric: Pauli Ribbing: stash Size: 8 Variation: A, cropped with 16 cm linden cropped sweatshirt quilted back This time around I used some ribbing from my stash for neckline, cuffs and waistband. I must say that getting the ribbing on was a lot easier than finishing the neckline with self fabric. If I use self fabric for another Linden, I'll make sure to cut it a bit longer than the provided pattern piece. Less worries about straight sewing + stretching at the same time! This sweatshirt sewing thing is something I like - I didn't thought that would have been the case! It's nice to have a way to really relax when sewing. Next up for sweaters I'm considering sizing up Nettie for a fitted sweater or maybe getting Bonnie by BlueGingerDoll. Or maybe just draft it myself. We'll see. I think that I need something more fitted for some dresses. If you have any tips on cropped, fitted sweaters, let me know! What's your favorite pattern for sewing without much brain turned on? Maybe I can try that pattern too!