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Craftsy review- Fitting Solo: from Measurements to Muslin

We all know Craftsy and if you're anything like me, you probably have a bunch of unwatched classes, sitting there in your account. I'm a Craftsy addict (not gonna lie). I'm a visual learner, so I love watching videos and trying out new techniques at the same time! Whenever I see a new class announced, I wonder: will this be a good one for me? Will this class be a good fit, will I like the style of instructions? Will it be in line with my level of expertise and so on. Sometimes, I buy a class and I don't get it, sometimes I'm disappointed because I don't really learn anything new. I'm sure you all have had these questions too, so I decided on this new series: reviews of Craftsy classes/ Or as GOMI would say: Craftsy's good, bad and ridiculous! In these reviews I'll give my honest opinion on class content, if the teaching style was for me and if I got anything out of it! Let's get started! fitting solo image This first class I'm reviewing is Linda Lee's Fitting Solo: From Measurements to Muslin.* It's a new class, so there weren't any reviews available at purchase, now there are, so you can check them out if you like!

The scoop

"Discover how to measure yourself on your own with expert sewing instructor Linda Lee's easy-to-follow techniques. Start by finding the correct pattern size for your body and taking accurate measurements. Then, make basic pattern adjustments and evaluate fit using muslins. From there, you'll lengthen, shorten, narrow or widen a top pattern while keeping the seams correctly aligned. Once your adjustments are made, you'll create a fitting muslin, mark alterations and apply them to your pattern. Stretch your skills as you fit a pair of pants by changing width, knee placement, and both stride and total length. Ensure your pants will be comfortable and flattering by making adjustments to your muslin and pattern. Plus, see how to apply the same fitting process to a skirt pattern. For essential finishing touches, learn a waistband alteration trick and make final adjustments for your specific shape." - Craftsy.com

Why I bought it

I teach sewing and costume design and I've been looking for good introduction classes for my newbies. Some of my costume design students haven't sewed before entering the program, so they can use a bit of extra guidance. Some of them don't speak Dutch very well, so English classes are a plus! I also love watching how people teach beginner techniques, so I can learn from them! screenshot fitting solo 1

Things I love

+ This class is going at a good pace. Not too slow for more experienced sewists, but not too fast either. Everything is explained in detail. + No endless repeating of the same technique. New techniques are explained the first time they are needed, after that, Linda Lee refers to them and if you need to, you can look them up. + I learned something new: A super easy way to keep the original (and to be honest, also how to even pronounce that word in English :-)) if you have altered the shoulder width. Since decreasing shoulder width is an often used technique in my studio, this super easy way is a time saver for me! + In the course, Linda Lee states the order of adaptations for your pattern: length first, width later. + The use of rulers and materials is explained in a clear and concise way. Holding rulers, manipulating them. I love the fact that she clearly states: you have to try it often and practice! Practice is so important when adapting patterns! + She puts clear priorities on the order of buying sewing supplies. This is really good for beginners. Spending all of your money on all the supplies, when you're not even sure if sewing is something you'll be doing for a long time is not the way to go. Linda Lee honestly tells in which order she'd buy tools when on a budget. + She's very active in the comment sections. All questions got answered. Which is a plus in my book. If you have any additional questions, you can ask them and they'll get answered by Linda Lee. screenshot fitting solo 2

Things I don't really love

- There aren't a lot of adjustments explained in the video. There's basic lengthening/shortening, adding width and subtracting width from shoulders, waistlines and hips and truing op seamlines. - There's no explaining for those in need of full/small bust adjustments or anything like that. In the comment section, Linda Lee gives the advice of trying different sizes for front and back if you have a large bust. - If you are a true beginner, you might want a bit more handholding. What's a plus for me: "we've seen this technique, you know how to do that now" might be a turn-off for beginners. Yes, they can go back to the technique in the video, but some beginners truly like everything explained in that instance.

My favorite part

"and I wanna sure up and true up the lines that I drew under the waist elastic And I have to kind of believe what's here, even though it's curved and differently shaped as the pattern. It's who I am and I have to stay with it!" Bonus points to Linda Lee for being absolutely fearless: showing up on the www wearing leggings and a camisole is not for the faint of heart. Do you have any favorite Craftsy classes or other creative classes you are watching? Please do leave recommendations! Craftsy's Fitting Solo: From Measurements to Muslin with Linda Lee is currently on sale for €18.71 instead of €29.95 All images are courtesy of Craftsy.com