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Craftsy review: Essential guide to tailoring: structure and shape

As I've confessed in my previous review post, I'm a Craftsy addict! I'm putting my addiction to good use and writing reviews. So you get to know if a class is useful for you (or not) Craftsy's good, bad and ridicilous. I'm watching them all! I've mentioned in the post about Aya's suit that I used Alison Smith's "Essential Guide to Tailoring: Structure and Shape " as a refresher for my suit making adventures. Since I finished that class, I thought it would be useful to write a review! I've also finished the other essential guide on construction and you can expect a review of that class soon! screenshot essential guide structure and shape 1
The Scoop
"Bring structure and shape to any tailored garment with online video lessons from School of Sewing founder Alison Smith! You'll start by learning classic tailoring techniques such as canvassed construction for jackets and more. Alison will also teach you how to stabilize and shape a jacket's edges, neckline, armholes and roll lines. Move on to modern tailoring methods for using fusible interfacing with looser-weave fabrics to build elegant garment structure swiftly. Then, discover hybrid tailoring techniques that make it easier than ever to achieve refined results when sewing coating fabric or high-end menswear. Plus, discover how to interface a variety of different silhouette variations, from shawl-collared and collarless jackets to tailored skirts and pants." - Craftsy.com
Why I bought it
I'm a sucker for more knowledge and my tailoring skills needed some freshening up. It's been a while since I've made a jacket and I wanted to get it right. Also, I'm a big Alison Smith fan. I've watched her class on lingerie making and I loved it so much I bought almost all of her classes available. I'm hoping to one day take an in person class at her School of Sewing, currently convincing the boyfriend that a trip to the UK is a necessity. Also: Alison Smith has pink hair. essential guide structure and shape 3
Things I love
+ Alison Smith is a great teacher. She knows how to explain things short and sweet and she'll make you understand things you thought you'd never get. + The class is well structured. + Classic tailoring techniques are covered as well as modern techniques. This makes it easier to decided which method is best for which project and your time frame. + The class comes with an extensive list of supplies and suppliers, making it easier to find everything you need for your projects + Alison Smith is very active in the comments + questions section, making it easy to ask questions in case something isn't clear. + The relation between which tailoring method to choose and the fabric chosen gets explained. + Good pace for more advanced sewists screenshot essential guide structure and shape
Things I don't really love
- It's not really an essential guide: there are a lot of bits and pieces of information and you might want to look into construction too, in order to really benefit of the class - It's not a bad thing, but I advice to watch the whole class before deciding on tailoring method. You'll be able to decide which method you need afterwards! - This class isn't for beginner sewists, if you are a true beginner, make sure you practice, practice, practice!
My favorite part
"Especially fabric like this, a really yummy tweed. It would make a fantastic jacket". Fabric can be yummy, indeed! Essential Guide to Tailoring: Structure and Shape is currently on sale for €18.71 instead of €29.95. All images courtesy of Craftsy.com
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