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Client work: That suits you, Aya

A couple months ago I was contacted by a former classmate from highschool, Aya. She's quite a spunky person, who has a very destinct style. She asked me if I could make her a suit. Well, I said yes and after a couple months of brainstorming and making. I now present: Aya in her suit! kostuum aya 3

Pattern notes

The jacket pattern is Vogue 9099. I got it here. The pattern is very elaborate, it has a ton of pattern pieces, including pieces for lining and interfacings and accurate markings on how to cut each of them. I copied the pants from a pair of her favorite pants she brought for inspiration. She loves those pants so much I made an exact copy. After trying these new ones on, she already ordered a second pair! kostuum aya 2 The process for the jacket and the pants was pretty straight forward: I made up a muslin and altered it to fit on her. Afterwards, I adapted the pattern pieces and cut out the fashion fabric. To fit the budget, the jacket was speed tailored. Afther applying all interfacings, a lot of sewing happened to end up with this results! Below are some in progress shots! If you follow me on instagram, you've probably seen these! If you are looking to make your own jacket and would like some handholding, I recommend Alison Smith's classes on tailoring: Structure & Shape and Construction. I've watched both (a review to come!) and really liked them to refreshen my memory and give a good overview of speed tailoring techniques! 2015-12-21 16.57.40 View of a jacket in progress! 2015-12-21 18.54.26 Handsewing is not for the faint of heart! kostuum aya 1 See that smile, that's why I love making bespoke clothing! This jacket was a ton of work, but I love it when it works out in the end! Onto the next project! PS: in these pictures, there aren't any buttons on the jacket. Aya didn't found any she liked at the moment I took this pictures, so they are yet to be sewn on!
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