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Client work: cosy things for fall

sjaalkraag cardigan zijkant detail I'm currently mainly sewing for clients and loving it. As I said to a friend yesterday, I don't mind if I'm sewing for myself or for a client. I simply love sewing! I know that I need to show my client work more, but I often forget to take pictures. For now, I decided to take some pictures on my mannequin and we'll see if I ever manage to get pictures on the client! This first project is a large cowl shirt (aka, Sewaholic Renfrew) for an older lady. She received a gift certificate for my store and decided to put it to good use. She hates it when here shirts are cut too low, and she deems almost everything in store these days too low! The collar is huge and I hope she loves it. I totally image it as perfect for colder days, the type of days where the wind goes straight through your jacket. A nice layer to help protect you from the cold. Now I'm dreaming of one like this in merino wool! voorkant sous pull achterkant sous pull Second project is a scarf neck cardigan. It was commissioned by my mom. She already owns two of these cardigans and loves them, so she asked for a third one. Since I love this pattern by Swoon Patterns, I simply re-used it. I can make on up in 1.5 hours by now. It's constructed on the overlock (serger) and all finishes are done with a coverlock (which I borrowed from Joost, thank you!) sjaalkraag cardigan voorkant sjaalkraag cardigan achterkant sjaalkraag cardigan zijkant detail I hope to finish another project by the end of next week, or at least make a head start and prep the pattern and cut out fabric. You'll see some updates here for sure. I'll also keep you posted with the first results from lingerie making class. It's a lot of fun, but making underpants is hardly as hard as I expected. True, I've made some before, but I can't wait to dive into using lace & customising the basic pattern into different variations!
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