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Client Work: a blouse for Els

I've got some more client work to show you today! Els bought this gorgeous silk at a Dries Van Noten stock sale. Twice a year, Antwerp based designers have huge stock sales, selling pieces from their former collections, fabrics and notions at prices that are actually affordable. During those weeks I have to give my wallet to my boyfriend or I will go broke on designer fabrics. Els was brave and went to a sale and came back with this gorgeous silk habotai. However, she wanted someone else to sew it for her, since silk habotai can be scary. (I tend to agree) We started of a blouse she loves wearing. Favorite clothes are always a good starting point. blouse els origineel blouse els 5 I copied the body and collars. Afterwards I added seam allowances and button bands. I love the technique of copying existing garments and making new garments from the patterns. The fact that you know that it will fit and that it's a shape you'll love: winning! blouse els 2 blouse els 1 blouse els 3 blouse els 4 I interfaced the button band, collar stand and collar pieces with Vlieseline G785. This must be my favorite interfacing for delicate fabrics. It needs hardly any steam and it sticks to the fabric quickly. It's also super soft and the fabric remains super flowy. Seams were sewed using French seams. Armholes and hemline are finished using bias tape. Self made bias tape. The simple act of making bias tape from this fabric almost made me cry. It looks better than store bought tape on this garment though. Well worth the effort!
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