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Bits and pieces #2

A friend of mine hosted a birthdayparty to celebrate the fact the he'll turn 30 next year. It was a fun night. Turned out I was the youngest of the partycrowd. What can I say... I'm from the nineties Since even kids from the nineties don't come emtpy handed to a party, I made him a bowtie. So he can wear it and become a serious member of society by the time he turns 30 :-). Or rock it at upcoming holiday parties. strikjeBig thanks to Portia from Miss P. for her awesome pattern and tutorial. I only messed up once. Not bad at all for sewing on a deadline. The fabric is from Julija's and is a Riley Blake cotton. On a totally different note: my kids from sewing class (all of them are born in the new millenium, to stay on track with the age-gap) wanted to make a pencil case. Since I dislike ugly pencases very much, I went on a search for a pretty pencil case. I found this really cute tutorial on my pinterest board of a bow clutch by Elm Street Life. I made myself a basic version. pennenzak Yes that's more floral fabric from my Zinnia skirt and more pink topstitching. I love pink. That's all for now. I am going to finish the muslin of my Brasilia dress whilest singing that I'm from the nineties. What decade are you from? Any funny stories to tell about age differences you weren't aware of?