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Behind the scenes...

2015-10-23 20.14.25November is not only #stashvember it's also the month I decided to get organised - yes I know, again. The start of the new school year in September threw me for a loop and I really felt as if I was running behind all the time. My workspace was overflowing with projects and there was stuff everywhere. About time I did something about it! Currently I'm cleaning up my studio and my stock of fabrics and vintage clothing. I will sell some of it, so keep an eye on this blog & you'll be assured of goodies. I need some space to breath, so I dediced on finding new homes for some of my stuff. I'm also working on a couple of client projects. I share a lot of my process and projects on instagram, so if you like behind the scenes updates, you can follow me and be in the know :-) In October it was all about the upcoming production of 'Fidelio', by Walpurgis & HetPaleis. I worked at the costume department with the lovely Hilde & costume designer Caroline Wittemans. I also made two skirts for a lovely client. November is about a dress, a jacket and a pantsuit. I'm making a dress and a jacket for my lovely mom (she's a paying client, that's how awesome she is) V8766 The dress is Vogue 8766, view D and I must say, out of the envelope it fits her pretty good! I got the pattern with my purchase of Craftsy's "Essential guide to sewing with lace" class with Alison Smith. I started watching it for a lace dress I plan on making for myself next month! These are some shots from the first fitting. I think it this dress fits pretty good. I shortened the back by 4 cm at centre back to 0 at the side seam. I'll also add width to the skirt at the waist, since it's a bit too tight. About 2 cm will do. The dress will be fully lined and executed in a gorgeous striped fabric from Pauwels Stoffen. toile dress fitting 3 Second up is a jacket. This jacket is Vogue V7975, it came with the other class I'm watching: "The iconic tweed jacket" this is also the project for which I'm watching that class! 7975 I know that big 4 patterns are not expensive in the US, but here, they are up to 20 euros, so when a pattern you might need comes with a Craftsy class and that class happens to be on sale and you want to watch it too, that's a pretty good deal! toile jacket fitting Side view of the jacket. I'll be adding some length on top of the waistline, so the hemline lowers and the waist sits at her waist. The jacket will be sewn in a gorgeous tweed. And I can't wait to get started on both projects. Both fabrics are striped, so there will be some pattern matching going on in the next two weeks. The third project I'm working on is a pantsuit for a client who gave me this as a brief: " I want a sexy suit to wear to work, so I feel amazing all the time". Well, that's exactly what I aim to do with my clothes, so of course I said YES. The jacket is Vogue V9099. This didn't come with a class, sadly enough, but it's such a classic shape that I'm sure I'll get some use out of it after this first version. V9099Schnittmuster-Vogue-9099-Jacke The pants will be copied from a pair of pants she already owns and loves. Here's a shot of the pants getting copied. 2015-11-12 22.01.39 So, all orders need to be completed by the middle of December so I'm getting into "work mode" and will be sewing every spare minute. I'm very excited about these projects, since they demand some skills and are not that easy. I love it when a client presents me with a challenge! It helps me get better in my sewing and that's something I aim for! I also hope that November will give me some time to finish reorganising my studio, so I can share it with you in the near future. I love sewing spaces, so if you have a post in which you share yours, I'd love to have a look! So, that's what going on behind the scenes at the moment. I'll be showing finished projects when they are done and photographed and in the meantime I'll be sewing!
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