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Another Rub Off Relaxed Dress

rub off techno fabric front view 2 Wow, I'm on a roll lately! Some say that if you want something done, you should ask someone who's already doing a lot to do it, and it seems like that is absolutely true at the moment. I'm working at my teaching job, together with Caroline I'm planning exciting stuff for Sew It Up and I'm finally working on the lay-out for Sewing Translated (coming soon, I promise!) This month's theme over at the Sew It Up website is free patterns. Since I explained how to rub-off a garment, I thought it would be cool to make another version of my rub-off dress. So, here you have it! Another version of my 'add sparkles to your day and your worries will go away-dress" This one is made in a techno textile by Febrik. The school where I'm teaching bought a bit lot of them and I was able to buy a small amount of the lot, yay! rub off techno fabric side view


Fabric: Febrik Uniform Mélange Pattern: adapted rub-off of a New Look dress (see this post for details) rub off techno fabric back view

Adjustments after fitting

  • Lowered the neckline with 4 cm
  • made the shoulderdarts a bit wider for a better fit
rub off techno fabric front viewConstruction on this dress was straight forward. I serged all seams and zigzagged the hem and sleeves. Normally I'd use a binding or a band to finish the neckline, but this fabric is quite thick and it would have been too bulky. The neckline was folded in on itself and topstitched with the same zigzag as the hems. The fabric is quite stiff, but it gives a great shape on the sleeves. I also really like how visible the raglan sleeves lines are in this fabric. It gives a structural quality to a fairly simple dress! I have a meter of this fabric left and I'm already plotting on what to do with it. I'm thinking: skirt... What would you make out of 1 m of very heavy fabric?