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Add sparkles to your day and your worries will go away

sparkly daily shift dress front view 3 Whenever I'm taking blog pictures, I get a bit stiff. To resolve this issue I start moving around like a crazy person. Sometimes the result looks completely crazy, sometimes it looks great. I personally really like the shot above. It has great movement and I look so happy! But, onto the things that matter: the sewing! A couple of weeks ago I went visiting Caroline at her place. She happens to have this huge sewing studio where she teaches workshops and there was a bunch of fabric lying around, tempting me to steal it. Now, of course I'm a good girl so I didn't, but when I found the fabric that would become this dress, I said I would steal it from her. She replied in a very dry manner: "oh well, you can have it, black isn't my color anyway" YES. I had acquired another piece of gorgeous fabric. sparkly dress details Sunny picture of the fabirc. It's a matte jersey embellished with irregular golden dots. LOVE it.


Fabric: matte jersey, Caroline Pattern: adapted rub-off of a New Look dress (see below for details) sparkly daily shift dress So, those of you who've been following my blog for a while now know that I love to rub off patterns from existing RTW garments. The idea behind it is simple: this garment already fits and you know if you need to make adjustments. You can skip all the tracing and cutting out and the muslin part of your sewing, so it's much faster! I made a rub-off of said New Look dress, but knew I had to make a couple adjustments. It was quite tight around my hips, and for a shift dress, that's not good! To avoid this in my new dress I added an extra 4 cm to the dres around the hips. The fit on the shoulders was spot on, but I lowered the neckline with 2 cm since I felt the previous one was a bit too high for me. sparkly daily shift dress side view sparkly daily shift dress front view The dress is a simple shift, with raglan sleeves. It has great fit through the shoulder because of a shoulder dart (yay for shoulder darts) I finished the neckline with a band made of self-fabric. I considered using ribbing, or plain black fabric, but matching blacks can be too difficult to do! I didn't had enough fabric for patternmatching, but it turned out great. I must say that being as short as me comes in handy whenever you only have a tiny bit of fabric. I'm still able to squeeze a dress out of 1.5 m, something not as possible for taller people! I finished the sleeves and hem with a stretch stitch, since I didn't want to have a double row of stitches from a twin-needle or a zigzagstitch. The whole dress was sewn on a sewing machine, since I wasn't sure wether the knife on my overlocker would like the embellishments... Better safe than sorry, since replacing an overlocker knife can be quite costly. sparkly daily shift dress back view 2 sparkly daily shift dress front view 2 Did you ever rubbed off garments? Would you like to find out how to do this? Please let me know in the comments!
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