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A Mother's day Dress

Hello Hello! Yesterday I enjoyed a sunny election day. Amongst voting for a new European Parliament, in Belgium it's also national and regional election day. A lot of big decisions to make on one day! I went voting and afterwards to the pub, in true election day style. Now I'm typing away on some papers for school due on tuesday. For voting I had to return home, so I could deliver my mum's mother's day dress to her (after two years in the making). In the evening I made delicious homemade pizza with my dad. nomnom. Two years ago my mum and I passed a fabric stall at the city market. My mum loved this pretty Petit Pan fabric and I schemed up plans for a dress. Which I finished a couple weeks ago. The dress base is Peony by Colette Patterns, but I made some alterations. First, the belt was skipped. I also moved the bust dart into pleats at the neckline. I removed the sleeves and made an adjustment to the back to make up for this. After making the muslin, the waist dart was moved 4 cm more into the direction of the side seams. The waist was also nipped in with another 2 cm. Here's the result: full shot(She felt very awkward at first) detail jurkHere's a detail of the neckline. I think it's very flattering on her. scruffy badger timeAnd then she did this pose. Which reminded me of someone... I believe there's even an identical pose from Winnie of the Scruffy Badger! Straight after this pose the zipper broke. Lovely. Apart from that fact I'm very happy with how the dress turned out. Do you sew for other people? How long does it take you to deliver what you promised in the sewing area?