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5 super useful tools for your sewing kit

5 super useful tools for your sewing kit (newbie and advanced sewers!) When I started sewing I literally used whatever was available in my mum's sewing kit. Nowadays I sew more often than mum (she dislikes sewing with great gusto) and my sewing kit advanced with it. When I started sewing I thought you'd only need scissors, pins and a tape measure to get good results, but boy, did my ideas evolved since starting out! Yes, you can achieve good results with just these tools, but here are 5 of my favorite tools in case you'd like to make you life a lot easier! (Yes to that!)

1. Magnetic Pin Cushion

Well, you can't poke pins into it, but it's magnetic! I waited so long before I got myself one and now I'm seriously considering a second one. I always forget it at my cutting table and pins still get left behind at my sewing machine. For about 5 euros (that's 3.5 US dollars) you get serious good stuff. It holds all your pins and doubles as fabric weight. Perfect! Mine also holds lonely screws and other random bits and bobs. magnetic pin cushion

2. Tiny scissors

Okay, these actually are two items! I love both my embroidery scissors and my snippers. I keep the snippers at my sewing machine and the embroidery scissors at my ironing board in case I missed some threads. Works like a charm. scissors and snippers

3. Spool ring

One of the things I hate the most is when all of your spools' threads get tangled into one gigantic knot. It always ends me throwing my hands into the air and giving up on the untangling. A lot of people use dedicated boxes or bobbin mates but I use a spool ring. It's flexible, all of my spools (both Singer and Bernina type spools) fit in and there are no tangled thread messes. spool ring

4. Imperial/Metric tape measure

Perfect when sewing patterns that are using the imperial system! A tape measure with one system on each side. Need my bust measurement in inches? I use the imperial side! Need them in centimeters? Metric. Easy does it! Also perfect for easy conversion. Whenever I need to figure out what 29 inches is in centimeters, I simple pull out the tape measure, go to 29 inches and flip it around. Done! No calculus or google necessary! metric imperial tape measure

5. Parallel Chalk Wheel

You know those Burda patterns without seam allowance? Yup, a lot of people don't use them or are hesitant about them because they have to add seam allowances. This little tool is brillant to get past your fear of Burda! You simple trace the pattern and pin it to your fabric. You pick whichever seam allowance necessary by adjusting the wheel and go for it! Here's a promotional video if you are interested to see how it works. parallel chalk wheel So tell me! What are your favorite sewing tools? I always love learning from other sewers what they like working with!
header image: icon by Jaap Knevel/The Noun Project. Edited by me