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5 great books to expand your fabric knowledge

5 great books to expand your fabric knowledge [hannevandersteen So, you've been sewing for a while and you start to know the difference between cotton and polyester. However, you often find yourself in the fabric store wondering about basically every name you read on the labels. What is Shantung? And what's the difference between chiffon and crêpe Georgette? And if you need to use a fabric with a lot of drape for a certain garment, which fabric can you use? All of those questions basically come back to one thing! Fabric knowledge. Now, I gathered a bunch of resources that are top notch when it comes to fabrics. You can usually find them next to my bed as I think that reading them is fun. Here are some of my favorites (if you want to read more: click on the image)

Fabric For Fashion, Amanda Johnston & Clive Hallet

This book is a great resource, it has a huge list of all fabrics, explains in to detail how different fabrics are made and compares fabric to each other. Also included are beautiful pictures of fashion creations to give you ideas of how certain fabrics can be used. If you buy one book, get this one. fabric for fashion Fabric For Fashion: The Swatch Book, Amanda Johnston & Clive Hallet This book opened my eyes. I got it a couple years ago and it's the best. It's the accompanying book to 'Fabric For Fashion'. The reason I love it so much is because it contains actual samples of all the fabrics presented. This makes it much more clear to understand the feel and look of a fabric than if you had to learn only from pictures. I personnally own the yellow, previous version of this book, but I'm considering getting this updated (and pink!) version since it contains even more fabric samples.

fabric for fashion the swatch book The Fashion Designer's Textile Directory - Gail Baugh

This book is divided in different chapters focussing on the idea on what you want to achieve with your look. I like this since it presents you with options. If you want to make a structured look, you can check out the chapter on structure and you learn which fabrics are suitable for your ideas. fashion designer's textile directory

Basic Fashion Design: Textiles and Fashion - Jenny Udale

This book is a hands on book focusing on typical qualities of fabric necessary for your design. It's a small book and less intimidating than for example the 'fabric for fashion' books, but provides you with great knowledge!

basic fashion design textiles and fashionBasic fashion design: Knitwear - Juliana Sissons

This book is another gem in the 'Basics: Fashion Design' series. I hardly come across books that focus on knits and knitwear but this one delivers. Not only does it provide you with industry standard terms, it also shows some great inspirational pictures of modern knitwear. basic fashion design knitwear Do you have any books you'd like to recommend? I love learning about fabrics & sewing and I'm alway very excited to come across new titles, so please share!
P.S.: For all my friends who speak Dutch or French and go crazy reading English books ordering fabrics online (What's the English word for or to my English speaking friends that want to buy fabrics from a non-English speaking vendor - I hear you. I'm writing an e-book currently called 'Sewing Translated' which will provide you with all the tools. Add your name to my newsletter for more information!
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Disclaimer All books discussed are books I’ve bought myself and used for years. If you buy something after clicking on a link in the bibliography, I might be compensated due to an Affilliate program. This will not make your book more expensive! I’d never recommend something I don’t like myself!