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107 posts + a giveaway [Closed]

Hello hello! I recently checked my stats (yes, I admit I do that!) and apparently I've published 107 posts. That's quite amazing, in my book. To celebrate, I thought it would be a good idea to give away some fabric (after all, what's more fun than winning fabric? So, I have this two pieces of fabric that I really like and maybe someone reading here likes them too! The first one is a piece of white floral fabric (1,60x1,30m, or 63"* 51" if you prefer the imperial system) I think this would make a lovely dress or skirt. white floral fabric The second one is a piece of bright red heavy weight fabric with floral print (2,80x1,25 m/approx. 110"x49") It would make a really cool Elisalex or heavy skirt I think. Or an excentric summer coat. That would be so awesome! red floral fabric So if you are interested in one of these pieces, please comment here and tell me about something that makes you happy! (it can be winning fabric ;-)) and which piece you'd like to win. I'll draw a winner by friday June, 6th, 11PM GMT+1. I'll ship worldwide necessary I'm of to enjoy a lovely friday evening with my boyfriend and my visiting parents; Hurray for sunny evenings! (Another thing that makes me happy)