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10 Tuesday Favorites!

Lately I've been feeling a bit tired, so I'm spending some time on the couch, and yes, this includes browsing the internet.
  1. These rose gold scissors. There's no such thing as too much scissors, right?
  2. This marble print mousepad
  3. This holographic shimmering bag, it makes me so happy to look at it.
  4. This blog post on loving people who go through a miscarriage. We went through one last June and it's incredibly hard. And I've learned again that I have amazing family and friends. One day I will tell our story. If you ever have someone you love go through a miscarriage, this article is a must read.
  5. This extremely visually satisfying article on colour palettes from movies. Love.
  6. This article on an AlieExpress knock-off. Why I don't buy things from AlieExpress.
  7. These earrings by JolisMots, they would be perfect for my sister-in-law!
  8. This Pixi Glow Tonic. Perfect acid toner for my skin!
  9. This hilarious and slightly rude newsletter on American politics.
  10. These cauliflower burgers with guacamole. Guacamole, cauliflower, cheese? Yes.
These are 10 things I love and wanted to share with you today! Let me know... what is your favorite thing at the moment?