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The Newcastle Cardigan: a Christmas Present a Long Time in The Making

Newcastle Cardigan Seppe label detailTwo years ago I bought this really soft sweater knit fabric at Pauli. It's been hiding in my stash for far too long, even though I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it. A Newcastle Cardigan by Thread Theory. It was love at first sight with this pattern and I knew it would make an awesome cardigan for my little brother. (ahum, my 1.85 m tall, broad shouldered brother who can lift me up from the floor as if he's carrying a two year old, but still younger thus little brother ;-) ) So last Christmas I decided to gift it to him, only my planning was way off and it ended up being a gift for Christmas 2014! I picked view A, with the shoulder and back yoke options. I used a black faux-leather for the yokes, since I thought it would look really cool. He wore it on Christmas Day though, telling every family member "My sis made this, isn't she awesome?" So I was beaming with pride. :-) So, here are some pictures without him wearing it since he left for university already before I could force him into posing with his cardigan! The only problem with this cardigan is the fact that if he comes to close, I start thinking about this television test screen, but at the same time, that's what I like about it!

Newcastle Cardigan Seppe front viewNewcastle Cardigan Seppe Leather Patch detail

Newcastle Cardigan Seppe back Leather Patch detailDetails

Fabrics: Pauli Buttons: stash & Veritas Pattern: Thread Theory: Newcastle Cardigan Newcastle Cardigan Seppe Button front details Newcastle Cardigan Seppe back view Newcastle Cardigan Seppe back Leather Patch detailI want to end on this note: If you are looking for a wearable & quality menswear pattern company, I'd say go for Thread Theory. I've made both Jedediah Pants & this Newcastle Cardigan from their collection already and I must say that both drafting and instructions are very good. There is a lot of attention to detail and options available within each pattern. I didn't find any errors in the instructions or the patterns. However, I think they should make a men's shirt pattern, since I need one for about every man in my close family and their patterns are always so lovely to work with!

P.S.: Did you see my matching cropped Linden sweater? P.P.S.: You'd like one for yourself? Get in touch for pricing and options!